We offer a variety of member structured services and continue to implement ways of improvement. These services are as follow but not limited to:

Whether you have been at it for a long time or are just starting/getting back at it, we could all use a little guidance regarding our work out routines. With personal training it is easy to get the fitness help you need to reach your ultimate goals. You might be striving to hit a certain weight on the scale or training for an event; no matter what outcome you are reaching to hit, we can help.

At Libra Athletic, each of our private personal training sessions give exclusive attention regarding your programing, movement form, time management, and flow. We analyse every aspect of your workout and make the adjustments you need to see maximum results.

Our experienced trainers look at your current fitness and eating habits and work with you to create achievable solutions. Your personal trainer will develop a customized fitness plan that is structured to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible, while keeping you safe.

    This individualized attention from a fitness professional is perfect for anyone who:

  • Doesn't know where to start when planning their exercise routine

  • Is bored doing the same old workouts

  • Feels the need to be challenged

  • Wants to learn how to exercise, the right way, on their own

  • Needs some extra accountability and motivation to stay on track

  • Wants a program that can help them overcome an injury or that is feasible with a condition

  • Is training for a specific sport or event and wants a specialized plan to help them succeed

Our personal training programs are tailored to you. Not only do we create exercise strategies that help you reach your goal, but we also aim to create workouts that you’ll enjoy! You will feel energized, refreshed, and enthusiastic after every personal training workout you perform!

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Torch calories, experience lean muscle growth, break through fitness plateaus, achieve personal bests and more easily perform activities of daily life while having fun. Our workout venues are welcoming, and our sessions are inclusive and adaptive, designed to be effective regardless of gender, fitness level or experience. Our Fitness Trainers expertly modify exercises, scale weight loads and demonstrate alternative moves that vary in intensity and difficulty, providing everyone a challenging yet attainable workout experience.

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Personalized Fitness From The Comfort Of Your Home - On Your Schedule!
At Libra Athletic, we are proud to offer a personal training solution that provides optimum convenience for our clients. Our In-home personal training program is the perfect way to receive individual fitness attention in the comfort of your own home.

Our personal trainers will work with you to achieve any goal you are trying to reach. Many of our in-home personal training clients have specific weight loss goals they are aiming to achieve. Our customized workouts will help you work towards your goal by performing exercises on specific equipment that gets your heart racing and your muscles working!

Benefits of In-Home Personal Training

With in-home personal training you get all the benefits of regular personal training, plus more! Besides customized fitness plans, individual attention, and extra motivation and support, you get:

Convenience - Don’t worry about squeezing in a workout in those 45 minutes you have free after work. In-home personal training cuts out all the extra driving time, so you can use your full time working towards results!

Attentiveness - Your home is much more free of distractions, so you can focus all of your attention towards your trainer.

Comfort - Many feel that gyms are not the ideal atmosphere for conducting productive work outs. It is typical to feel overwhelmed or self-conscious when you are surrounded by an abundance of machines and constantly comparing yourself to others. At home, all of these factors are not a problem.

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As business owners or managers, it is important to remember that our most important assets are our employees! We want our employees to enjoy their work environment, and to bring the best of themselves to their jobs every day. Encouraging your employees to embrace fitness as a lifestyle choice pays off in numerous ways. A fit and healthy workforce is a happy and productive workforce. But nowadays it’s often challenging devoting the time needed to stay fit and healthy.
As an employer you can contribute to the health of your employees by bringing a fitness boot camp to the workplace.

We’ll develop a program to suit the needs of your company. It will include nutrition seminars, ongoing health and fitness testing, and coaching from our expert team. We bring our group personal training program to your company either before work, during lunch hours, or after work. Bringing one of our certified personal trainers on-site who will help keep your employees accountable and more consistent with exercise, and provide a safe and effective workout session to maximize results.

    It is easy to get started:

  • Step 1: Contact us
    For a personal consultation on implementing an employee boot camp program at your workplace, simply contact us. It will only take a moment for you to submit your company information with no obligations. Once we receive your information, we will arrange for personal consultation at your work premises.

  • Step 2: Create a program after
    Working with Libra Athletic, your company will create an exercise program that helps your employees start on their way to a healthy and active lifestyle that is sure to boost productivity and staff morale.

  • Step 3: Promote the programme
    Promoting the exercise programme is important, both to make employees aware of the programme and to motivate them to participate. Libra Athletic will promote the programme to employees, from creating custom-designed posters and flyers, to engaging with your staff in the canteen area during their lunch breaks. Libra Athletic will further these efforts with regular in-house seminars about various topics regarding fitness, diet and health.

  • Step 4: Offer incentives
    Most people want to be more active, but they lack the motivation to do so. Incentive programmes can make all the difference. Simple merchandise awards- for example, t-shirts, gift cards and entertainment vouchers can- can increase participation in the fitness boot camp workout program. Libra Athletic will work with employers to create incentive programs to suit the needs of the organisation.

We organize hiking events to many of the most beautiful and iconic locations around South Africa.

We promote hiking as a tool to improve physical, spiritual and mental fitness because hiking is a process of overcoming challenges. To hike up a mountain is to conquer one's physical and mental limitation. We believe hiking could be a process to discover ourselves and to push the boundaries of our potential.

Our goal is to educate and train a new generation of fit individuals who are physically fit, mentally strong, and confident to face life's challenges.

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