The Program

Our unique HIIT workouts integrate five essential building blocks to deliver optimal results.

Functional Movements

Functional training utilizes movements performed in life’s daily activities, such as walking, bending, lifting and climbing stairs. Our workouts will emphasize many fundamental movements, such as squatting, pressing, jumping, lunging and pulling, upon which more complex functional movements are built, training your body for everyday life, not events. You’ll notice the beneFHITs in all you do.

Strength Training

Strength training builds muscle, and muscle tension and density give a body a toned look. Strength training elicits hormonal responses that build up skeletal tissue, helping stave off osteoporosis and making carbohydrate processing more efficient. Strength training also burns more calories than cardio alone by causing the body to go into repair mode after exercise, and muscle tissue burns more calories than non-muscle tissue. So building muscle increases your metabolic rate, burning more calories even at rest.

High Intensity Intervals

High Intensity Intervals or "all-out" effort intervals that push your heart rate to about 90 percent of its maximum, followed by active recovery, challenge your body more than moderately intense cardiovascular exercise. This type of training is harder on your body, so your body’s recovery requires more energy, increasing your metabolic rate. High intensity interval training has also been proven very effective at increasing cardiovascular health, increasing production of human growth hormone, which encourages your body to build lean muscle mass, and increasing the body’s work capacity. The net effect of HIT: better results in less time.

Highly Varied Exercises

Highly varied exercises prevent fitness plateaus. Because of the human body’s tremendous ability to adapt, the more fit we become, the better able our bodies are to handle the same level of exercise. Thus, our bodies burn fewer calories, our metabolism decreases and our progress stalls over time. By delivering a different FHIXperience each day, featuring highly varied exercises and equipment, you will continuously progress and achieve new personal bests.

Total Body Focus

Total body focus with compound movements, those engaging two or more different joints, fully stimulates entire muscle groups and achieves extra muscle activity, which means your body burns more calories.

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